Where to live in Italy

December 28, 2014


Choosing the right place to live in Italy can be difficult. There is plenty of choice available. Each city has its positives. It really depends on where you would like to go and live in based on your circumstances and preferences. Italy is an amazing country. There are just some cities or regions which you may prefer over the others. For instance, the south of Italy is a bit remote than the rest of Italy. Some of the regions are more popular amongst expats such as Tuscany, Umbria, and Le Marche. Whereas, Venice and Florence although are beautiful cities to visit but not really a preferred choice to live for expats.

We present you a useful guide of cities you may wish to consider to move.

When in Rome!

Rome is one of the most favourite choices amongst expats. It is a very diverse culture. The city has hundreds of years’ of history. It has one of the most ancient civilization on the planet. This culturally rich and diverse city is also home to many international and national brands. Many MNCs’ have their regional offices in Rome. So you know what they say right? When in Rome, do as the Romans do!


The second most popular choice for expats is Milan. It is defined as the fashion capital. Milan is suggested to be sleek and posh – most of the fashion photo shoots are in this city. It stole the title of being the fashion capital from Florence and is now home to some of the biggest fashion labels and brands in the world. Most popularly, Milan is famous for its fashion weeks and catwalk shows.

Tuscany, Umbria, and Le Marche

Tuscany is really scenic. You will find amazing views in Tuscany especially on your drive back from the beach. You will not only find beautiful scenery but also hilltop castles and historic sights. It presents an excellent lifestyle change. You can find a good home in the middle of a beautiful valley with a large garden overlooking the hills.

Italy is famous for a number of things. Be it beauty, serenity, weather, history, beaches! You may choose the live anywhere in Italy and always drive to the south for a nice holiday. It has some of the most beautiful beaches. Or you can also go and visit the ancient Roman architects and visit museums and castles.

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