Things you should know before moving to Italy

January 12, 2015


Moving to Italy can be a dream come true. It is truly an amazing place to live. The people are really generous, loving and affectionate. However, the culture of a new place can be a little alien to someone moving in to a new place for the first time. It is always good to think in advance and prepare yourself and also discover a few things about the new place before you move. We bring you a short guide to keep in mind when you move to Italy.

Yummy Gelato

Italy is famous for its most yummicious gelato! You might lose a bit of weight walking in Italy but you are much likely to gain weight by eating gelato!

Italian Coffee!

Planning to Italy can be fun and exciting. Think about the great Italian coffee! Capuccino is usually a morning drink and the Expresso when you are working!

Going to Church

Italy has strict dress code for going to church. You cannot go inside a church if you don’t have your shoulders covered. You can buy a nice scarf for yourself and enjoy the sightseeing and going to different churches whilst you are out and about in Italy.


So your next door neighbours, friends or colleagues have invited you for lunch or dinner? Then don’t go empty handed. It is always a good idea to carry some flowers, or chocolates. It is considered rude to go to dinner or lunch without a gift.


One of the most fascinating thing about Italy and especially, Florence is that they all DOGS! Florence is extremely dog friendly. Pretty much everyone has one or two dogs. They can go to restaurants, cafes etc. People also try and give treats to your dog. If you are thinking of moving to Italy and have a pet dog – then you do not need to worry about it at all. Your dog will feel the most loved in Italy!


Generally, Italians are not known for being sarcastic or ironic. Their humour is more “slapstick” unless they have spent a bit of time in England or America. It might be difficult for you to get their jokes.

Things to see!

Italy is really scenic. It has everything from snowcapped mountains, to beaches, churches, history and above all the most romantic city in the world Venice!

If you are planning to move to Italy then can help you pack and move all your items to any destination in Italy. We wish you all the very best with your move and hope you have a great time in Italy.

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