Living in Italy

January 3, 2015


Mediterranean lifestyle is famous for its beautiful sunny weather, fabulous food, country side and beautiful beaches. One of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean is Italy. It has become a hot expats location; Italy is also famous for comfortable lifestyle. Italians are warm and friendly people. They are very affectionate and like to socialise and celebrate with family and friends. This is one of the reasons why many Brits have chosen to relocate to move to Italy. Those that choose to retire to Italy indeed make one of the best decisions.

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An interesting thing about Italy is that, the central meeting spot across all the cities, towns and villages remains the piazza. You will always find people walking, sitting and relaxing around the piazza. These are also the common meeting points and home to local festivals, gatherings and celebrations. One thing is for sure, that in Italy you will always find people willing to talk to you and engage in healthy discussions. Also, you would know where to find them to strike a conversation. Piazza’s in Italy can help you make new friends and get accustomed to the new culture and get a feel of the place.

You will find cafés at every corner of the street in Italy. You will also see Italians engaged in intense discussions over a coffee! Their topics of interest ranges from discussions on food, family, politics and especially soccer!


Hand movements and gestures

Italians use their hands for expressing and communicating. So just talking isn’t enough. You will see them use a lot of hand gestures to elaborate and emphasise on points.


Cooking is an art for the Italians. They give it due attention time. Where pasta is a full main meal in England, in Italy it is considered a start or first dish. Italians take as much time to finish their meal as possible. There is usually a start, first course, second course, a side dish, dessert, fruit and of course coffee! If you are invited over a traditional Italian dinner – then it may last three to four hours.


In England you are used to driving with both your hands on the steering wheel. The English tend to focus a lot more on the road. On the other hand, the Italians usually keep only one hand on the steering wheel. Use of mobile phone is also quite common while driving.

Moving to a new country is very exciting. You get to see new places, learn about their culture and moreover learn their language. If you are planning on moving to Italy then you can always hire a professional removal company to help you move. ensures that your items and furniture is moved as safely and efficiently as possible. Call to discuss your moving requirements.

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