Few tips for Expats In Italy

October 2, 2015

A Complete Guide for Expats In Italy

If you are considering to relocate to Italy then there are several things that you should consider before you move. Deciding to become an expat requires a lot of preparation and research. Italy is probably one of the most desired destinations in Europe for expats with its acres of Lavender fields and miles of lush pastures. It is adorned with everything from rich cultural background, art, food, music and above all world famous wines that are brewed in local vineyards. To some it symbolises as a heavenly place to live and work in however, it is easier said than done. Before you can enjoy the sun-kissed lakes or the Mediterranean beaches in the south, there are several aspects that you need to take into account to determine whether this is the place, you want settle down.

Language & Culture

If you wish to move to another country, it is most likely that you will have to learn a thing or two about their language and culture. Therefore, as all may know that the native language of Italy is Italian but what someone you didn’t know is that it is also spoken fluently in other part of Europe such as Croatia, France, Slovenia and Switzerland. The family-oriented culture of Italy centres around food and expats with children will enjoy close-knit communities who love to spend their time bonding over food with families. It is also home to several famous renaissance painters and sculptors such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and many more. Expats who take pleasure in the Opera will not want to miss out on the beautiful La Scala Opera House in Milan.

Sport & Leisure

Foreigners who look forward to excursion trips are in for a surprise because the vast landscape of Italy provides plenty opportunities for practicing a healthy lifestyle. Expats can enjoy activities such as hiking and climbing in the stunning Italian Alps as well as windsurfing and swimming along the coastlines and several stunning lakes such as Lake Garda and Lake Lugano. Italy along with many other cities is a forum for fashion, style and elegance therefore, you will find several places to shop, dine and admire endless museums and art galleries.

Public Transport

A prime concern for many expats involves getting to places around the city. Prospective expats wishing to move to Italy will have to apply for an international driving licence, after one year driving on an international license they will have to apply for an Italian license however EU members can continue to drive in Italy and don’t require an international license. If you are finding it difficult to acquire an international licence, you don’t need to worry any further because Italy offers great transport systems whether it is from air, sea, rail or road. A popular choice of transportation is the Trenino Verde train, which offers its riders a scenic journey through the beautiful valleys along the stunning coast.

Don’t forget to perform thorough research before planning your move, this way you will be properly prepared to make your move to another city.

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